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A shot of me doing the all night show at WPEN in Philadelphia! Ignore the bags under my eyes! It was 1982 and WPEN was "Adult Standards".
The Old WPEN Philadelphia Studio AT RIGHT:
Hosting a group of WPEN Phillies fans at the old Vet Stadium. It rained..and the Phils lost..Showbiz is like that!
Phillies and the Vet!
It was a kick working at U92, Tampa Bay. They were my competition while I was Program Director at WSUN-FM in Tampa Bay...before WSUN "wrote me out" of their budget!!
U92 in Tampa Bay My car with Oldies 97.1 Tag AT LEFT:
My car with the "OLDIES 97.1" Plate. Luckily my car lasted a lot longer than the station format!
The late Stan Martin and Charlie at WQEW Picture at LEFT: The late Stan Martin (below) and me at WQEW in
New York City. He offered me a job that day. Give up Philly for NEW YORK CITY??!! Yo, You Kiddin'?? Give up SCRAPPLE and SOFT PRETZELS??!!

AT RIGHT: A picture taken the weekend of Marilyn Monroe's death.She died Saturday, August 4th, 1962. I heard the news on WIP while in the car with my father. It was my earliest recollection of radio and it's power. I remember thinking about wanting to be in radio while listening to the reports about Monroe's death
Charlie and Buddy the Dog
Charlie Mills at Clearwater Beach/WSUN-FM Remote AT LEFT:
A WSUN-FM Tampa Bay live broadcast on Clearwater Beach!
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