Charlie Mills Picture Page One
I really wanted to be Roy Rogers or "The Lone Ranger". I had to settle for being a chubby baby on a sick looking horse on the streets of Philadelphia!
Charlie on horse AT RIGHT:
Santa, would you please bring me a RADIO STATION for Christmas??That's me with Santa, circa 1958. NO, I didn't get the radio station.
Charlie Mills & Santa Claus
My real first love was my Dad's 1957 Studebaker "Golden Hawk". I still hadn't discovered radio...or girls!
Charlie and the Hawk! Charlie Mills Characature AT LEFT:
A characature of me when I was at WPEN...with hair!
the first studio Pictures at LEFT and RIGHT depict the birth of a radio geek! These photos were taken around 1971. Most radio people began their careers in a home-made bedroom studio. This was mine. My parents became very suspicious when I tossed out my bed and began using a sleeping bag on the floor to accomodate the studio equipment. holding 45 rpms
rogers and mills AT LEFT:
This is a picture of a dear friend and relative John Rogers (on mike and me "engineering") as we both "learned" radio. John settled "down south" after working at a variety of stations, including WAYV in Atlantic City and WIP, Philadelphia. Sadly, John died in 1996 of a brain hemorrhage at 42. At top right of picture, on wall, note promotional bio and face sketch of WFIL's Dave Parks and Brother Lee Love, circa 1971.
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